#14 Macy Urrutia

Macy grew up in Gregory, SD and currently resides in Chester, SD.  She’s married with one son and is an active Nurse Practitioner.  She has been involved in basketball, volleyball, track, and still plays women’s softball.  She spent years attending her son’s football practices and games (and watching football on tv) and knew it was time to jump into the football world herself.

A rookie last season, Macy finished last season as starting Running Back and quickly earned herself a reputation as competitive and tenacious, playing through the majority of the season with a broken wrist yet not showing any “worse for wear”. She is a beast of a running back with impressive yards after contact, often carrying 3-5 defenders on her back for a pickup of an additional 3 YAC yards per play. She also saw time at defensive Nose Tackle where she was a notable wall force against runs up the middle. Macy’s hard work ethic and no complaints attitude, coupled with her menacing force as a running back earned her the nickname “Beast Mode”.

Last season: Offensively, Macy was a solid blocking running back, often extending the success of plays with her quick response to blitzing linebackers.  Additionally, she ended the season #7 in our Division for Rushing with 83 yards in 46 carries over four games and was chosen to the WFA All-American 3rd Team. Macy has been a quiet, confident player with natural skill and a quick learning curve for football skills and strategies.  She has an admirable steadiness about her and had a fabulous rookie season.  We’re proud to call her our teammate. Thanks, Macy – proud to have you back on board!  

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