#20 Alica Muldrow

Rookie, Alica Muldrow is originally from Los Angeles, CA, and she moved to Sioux Falls for its affordability, outdoor activities, and lack of traffic. Now near family, she lives with her chonky gray cat (Pot Roast) and works for South Dakota State University Extension as a Family and Community Health Associate, serving in the Lower Brule and Crow Creek Reservations. In high school, Alica ran track and field, competing in the hurdle events, long jump, and pole vault.  She also played soccer, and ran cross country, later returning to coach alongside her former coaches at the same school. She never got a chance to play football in high school and has been wanting to get back into a competitive sport, so the opportunity to do so, meet new people, and learn new skills drew Alica to the Snow Leopards. This season she offers strength, focus, and determination in the backfield and will likely be taking snaps at both running back and tight end. Defensively, her quickness and competitive nature will get her reps at Cornerback. She’s a committed, quality addition to the team! Welcome, Alica – we’re thrilled to have you!  #TogetherWeRise

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