#64 Hailey Nygaard

Rookie Hailey Nygaard, grew up in Dell Rapids and now lives and works in Madison, SD as a Correctional Officer for Lake County.  She ran track throughout high school and has always wanted to play football.  She is the oldest of 8 kids in a family that recently moved to Beaumont, MS.  Hailey decided to remain in South Dakota.  She has wanted to play football since middle school but never had the chance or permission to play until her recent discovery of our team.  Hailey’s quickness and determination to make plays will likely land her significant time at Wide Receiver and/or Cornerback with the Sioux Falls Snow Leopards women’s tackle football team and will make her fun to watch this season.  Welcome to the team, Nygaard – we’re pumped you’ve joined our crew!  #TogetherWeRise

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