#39 Katelyn Thayer

Katelyn grew up in Waynesboro, PA and has been living in Sioux Falls, SD since she was 16. She’s a special education teacher at Canton High School, and lives with her husband (Jared), 4 month old son (Easton), their Australian Shepherd (Eevee), and cat (Artemis). She has watched football religiously for years, following both college and professional football. In high school, she wrestled and played softball, and later played intramural volleyball at USD. Katelyn has always loved football, and loves being part of the inspiration of other women and girls to play where they’re happy, even in a traditionally male-dominated sport like football.

After a season of practicing at Safety for the Snow Leopards and then finding out she was pregnant with newly-arrived baby Easton in 2021, she “returned” to the field as back-up Free Safety for her official rookie season this year.

It quickly became apparent to players and coaches that Katelyn is a student of the game of football, with loads of football knowledge.  So it’s been fitting to refer to her as the “Analyzer”.  Her football knowledge, Free Safety efforts, and determination to improve every day continue to make her a valuable member of the team. We’re proud to call her our teammate. Thanks for a memorable year 2/rookie season, Katelyn – it’s been great to have you back on board!  

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