#41 Julie Denning

Julie grew up in Hastings, MN and currently resides in Sioux Falls, SD working as a Correctional Officer. Julie grew up watching football (Go Hawks! 💚💙). She spent her high school years playing volleyball, and joined the Snow Leopards team this year with a couple of her friends to be part of a competitive team again.

Julie is a determined and relentless learner with a fun-loving attitude and an ability to keep getting back up and improving every day.  She just finished her rookie season as backup Middle Linebacker and was heavily involved in Special Teams. She earned her nickname “Dump Truck” this season for her ability to dump force into pile-ups, stop running plays, and….other pre-game rituals.  🙂

Julie has been a great addition to the team with tons of potential and admirable dedication to improving her game.  We’re proud to call her our teammate. Thanks for a memorable rookie year, Julie – great to have you in the mix!  

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