#50 Haley Hoffer

Rookie Haley Hoffer is originally from Grandville, Michigan, now living with her 8 year old son in Sioux Falls and working as an Intuitive Card Reader and Spiritual Guide. Haley certainly isn’t new to competitive athletics.  She’s spent 7 years in soccer, and 12 years in rugby – including playtime for Granville High School, Columbus Georgia’s coed team, Alabama yellowhammers (men’s team), Sioux Falls Phantom, and Augustana University.  She joined up with the Sioux Falls Snow Leopards to be part of a supportive, hard-working, like-minded community, to learn a new sport, and to be a role model for her son.  Haley’s savage strength, determination, grit, and grind have already earned her significant time on the offensive and defensive line for the Snow Leopards.  She continues to work hard to learn the game and perfect her OL/DL positions so that she can be an efficient, reliable, and effective teammate.  Her competitive instincts will make her fun to watch this season!  Welcome to the team, Haley – we’re glad you have joined our crew!  #TogetherWeRise

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