#55 Molly Strandmark

Molly is from Minneota, MN and currently resides in Marshall, MN working as a US Bank Equipment Finance Collector.  She lives with her three children (Rory, Zane, and Braille) and their two dogs (Dutchess and Zeke).  Molly enjoys being part of the promotion of women and young girls’ dreams.

Offensively, Molly offered her strength and protection of the backfield with every ounce of her being on every play as an offensive lineman and seamlessly stepped in at times as a skilled Center.

Defensively, at Nose Tackle, Molly had a knack for plugging up the middle and forcing running backs outside.  She’s a constant wall of force against any offensive lineman (thus the nickname Brick Wall), often even taking on double teams and winning the push-back battles.

Molly has been a hard working player with grit and grind to rival all other players this season.  We’re proud to call her our teammate. Thanks for a memorable second year, Molly – proud to have you on the team!  

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