Fundraiser Events

SFSL jersey fundraising: AOC has partnered with HundredX Causes to help raise money to pay for the AOC youth leadership program to be made available to our Sioux52 Youth. Additionally, HundredX Causes will also donate money to our team toward the purchase of replacement jerseys.

YOUR ROLE: By simply giving your quick feedback on popular brands/companies (and encouraging others to do the same!), you can directly help our team and the Sioux52 Youth. All you need to do is share your honest opinions on companies and brands you use. Every time you provide feedback on a brand, we get $2 to cover the cost of the AOC program for a Sioux52 youth AND helps toward our replacement jersey costs. Each opinion you give only takes about ONE MINUTE and if we can get 700 people to share their opinions, we will be able to buy replacement jerseys and support Sioux52 youth in the process!

Buy an official SFSL jersey!

Once a year, we put in an order for our game day jerseys and we’ve decided to open official jersey purchase up to our fans (but we only do this 1x/yr so don’t miss the deadline)!

Official jerseys cost $100 and can be customized to include your name or the name of your favorite player on the back, the number of your choice, and you can decide whether you’d like it in black (home game jersey color) or white (away game jersey color). They will be delivered to you upon arrival, and alternatively can be mailed to you (for an additional shipping cost of $16.50). Sizes include: youth small to youth large and adult small to adult 3XL.

Orders can be made through:

Super Bowl Squares

Buy-in: $15. You pick numbers from 0-9 for each team in the Super Bowl (these numbers represent the last number in the score for each team). In other words, if the score is AFC 17 – NFC 14, then the winning square is the one with an AFC number of 7, and an NFC number of 4. Winners receive $250

Egg-My-Yard Easter Event

Want to give the kiddos something to look forward to this Easter? The SFSL Women’s Football team can help! Order eggs & provide your address then sit back and relax. The SFSL Women’s football team will handle things from here. We will hide stuffed eggs at your house the evening before Easter morning, and the kiddos will wake up to the excitement!

Mother’s Day Bake Sale

This coming Mother’s Day (May 14th), the Sioux Falls Snow Leopards Women’s Tackle Football Team will be selling homemade goodies at Church at the Gate. Come grab something tasty for your mom! (8:30 am – noon on Sunday, May 14th)

Just wanted to say Happy Easter and thanks again for helping keep the magic going! We truly appreciate it!

Kara Storey

(Customer from Egg-My-Yard Easter Fundraiser Event)

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