Position Assistant Coach Isaiah Neve

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Isaiah is in his second season as Wide Receivers Assistant Coach for the Sioux Falls Snow Leopards Women’s Tackle Football Team. He lives with his roommates, spends time with his girlfriend and large family, and works here in Sioux Falls at Tre Ministries. He played football growing up and had a few people in his life who were receivers in professional football leagues, so he learned a lot about route running through workouts with them and he’s eager to share what he knows and help build female football athletes. Isaiah is outgoing and loves watching players’ games develop starting with the smallest little adjustments. He enjoys how football brings people together and being part of the football community. Isaiah aims to be a better communicator with players this season, and encourage them into their best selves. He’s a natural athlete and a voice of positivity on the sidelines. We’re glad to have him back with the team. Welcome to year two, Isaiah! #TogetherWeRise