#31 CJ Sleeman

Rookie, CJ Sleeman works as an Aircraft Mechanic in the Air National Guard here in Sioux Falls where she also lives with her husband and three daughters. She played football for 7 years growing up (middle school and high school), has spent time on the video review team for Augustana University’s football team, and has competed in powerlifting competitions and 10Ks in recent years.  Football has always been her passion, so the chance to play for the Snow Leopards has come with some relief. CJ is a focused player with determination to improve her field confidence and learn everyday. At Safety this season, she intends to pull down a couple interceptions and force fumbles.  Her ability to read and anticipate plays will make her fun to watch this season!  Welcome to the team, CJ – we’re pumped to have you in the mix!  #TogetherWeRise

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