#88 Kiley Coyne

Rookie, Kiley Coyne is a Sioux Falls, South Dakota native working as Director of Bands at Washington High School.  She lives with her husband (Sean), their two sons (Oliver and Leo), and a troop of their beloved pets (a rabbit, two poodles, and two labradoodles). While somewhat new to the competitive sports scene, she has been participating in and coaching competitive marching band and color guard for 18 years so she certainly isn’t new to hard work.  She also comes from a background of CrossFit.  Her years of marching band/color guard have exposed her to countless hours of football and she has always loved the game.  She loves being part of the Sioux Falls Snow Leopards because of her competitive nature, the environment of empowering females, a sense of belonging and working together toward a common goal, and her desire to continually challenge herself and grow as an individual.  Kiley purposes to be better today than yesterday, everyday.  Winning is cool.  Catching passes is also cool.  But the journey of training and perfecting plays with teammates week in and week out, that’s where the grit and grind and glory resides – and that’s what Kiley loves to be part of.  Although an off-season knee injury has her on the sidelines physically this rookie season, Kiley has remained committed.  She has been all-in with attitude and effort, learning strategy and skills from the sidelines, supporting teammates, and rehabbing her way back to full strength.  Proud of you Kiley – thanks for sticking with us! #TogetherWeRise

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