Fundraiser for a Cause 2024!

(Coming Soon!)

The AOC program: Ambassadors of Compassion is a proven character development, resiliency building, emotional intelligence and wellness program that equips youth with the personal leadership skills necessary to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges. Find out more by visiting their website:

SFSL charter bus fundraising: AOC has partnered with HundredX Causes to help raise money to pay for the AOC youth leadership program to be made available to our Sioux52 Youth. Additionally, HundredX Causes will also donate money to our team toward 2024 season away game charter bus reservations.

YOUR ROLE: By simply giving your quick feedback on popular brands/companies (and encouraging others to do the same!), you can directly help our team and the Sioux52 Youth. All you need to do is share your honest opinions on companies and brands you use. Every time you provide feedback on a brand, we get $2. Each opinion you give only takes about ONE MINUTE and if we can get 700 people to share their opinions, we will be able to reserve charter buses for our 2024 season away games and support Sioux52 youth in the process!

Here’s the direct link to participate in our fundraiser feedback:

THANK YOU for helping!

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