1st Place ($250 Payout): Ryan Stellner

2nd Place (SFSL Swag Bag): Carissa Marler

3rd Place (2023 SFSL Season Tickets): Ryan Stellner

How it works:

Cost to play: $15/bracket

Winner = bracket with the most points at the end of the NCAA March Madness Tournament

Participants pick who they think will win for each of the 63 games of the NCAA Tournament (pro tips offered if desired).

Deadline to submit your brackets: March 16th, 2023 at 11:15 am CST

You can purchase and complete as many brackets as you’d like (no restrictions). 

Points are awarded for each correct pick.  Points values increase as the tournament progresses: 

  • First Round = 1 point
  • Second Round = 2 points
  • Sweet 16 = 4 points
  • Elite 8 = 8 points
  • Final Four = 16 points
  • Championship = 32 points

Note: the first four Play-In games are not included or scored.

The pool uses a seed point bonus for underdog wins ONLY. When an underdog wins, the difference between their seed and the favorite team’s seed is added to the points per round. For example, if a 3 seed beats a 1 seed in the Sweet Sixteen round then 6 points will be awarded for a correct pick (4 round points + 2 seed points [3-1]). 

The tie-breaker (if required) is the combined number of points scored by both teams in the NCAA Championship game. Each participant must enter a tie-breaker value when they submit their picks just in case a tie-breaker is required to determine the winner at the end of the March Madness Tournament. 

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