Halftime $250 Payout Winner: TBD

End-Of-Game $250 Payout Winner: TBD

How it works:

1) Select your square(s) for Super Bowl LVIII (2024) – once all 100 squares have been filled up, the AFC column of squares and NFC row of squares will be randomly given numbers (0-9) which results in all 100 squares assigned a number and now all 100 squares have a good chance to win.

2) The first winner of $250 will be determined by the halftime score. The second winner of $250 will be determined by the end-of-game score. We will post the two winners at halftime and at the end of the Super Bowl respectively via our social media pages – thanks for supporting women’s tackle football and the Sioux Falls Snow Leopards!

Example: You buy square #73.  All 100 squares are filled by fans and the AFC and NFC numbers are randomly given.  Row #7 is given the number 2 so all of the squares in this row start with 2. Column #3 is given the number 1 so all of the squares in this column end with 1. This makes the square you purchased (#73) hoping that the halftime and end-of-game scores end in a 2 for the AFC team and a 1 for the NFC team – aka, your purchased square is 21. Using this same example, if the halftime score is 12-21, you would win because the last number of the AFC score is 2 and the last number of the NFC team’s score is 1 = 21 which is square #73’s randomly assigned number and you’d win $250. If the end-of-game score is 22-41 you would win an additional $250 for the same reason.

Fundraiser Contact:
Jessie Ahlers (605) 323-9984

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